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Bob Alley's Education Web Site Establishes Internet Presence

July 27, 2003 -- 

Congratulations!  You have arrived at what will one day be the most comprehensive education web site on the Internet.  At this point, it contains basic information about current events on this page and more detailed information on the News page.  The Products and Services pages provide access to a myriad of things related to education and some that are not, such as an extensive Games page.  

Everything is free, although some of the companies that provide the various Products and Services offer upgrades for a price.  There are some banner ads on this site that link to other sites which sell various products and services I have found to be useful and worth their cost.  I receive a small commission for products sold through some of these ads, but my purpose for including them is more to inform and provide dynamic content for my site than to profit.  

I have reviewed all of the Products and Services on this site and can generally attest to their honesty, in other words that they do what they say they will do and are upfront about any costs.  If this is found to be untrue about any of the content on this site, I want to know about it.  Use the Feedback page for all such issues and any others concerning this site.  

This site is also associated with Trinity Episcopal School where I teach in Richmond, VA.  Click on the Trinity link for information about the classes I teach (AP U.S. Government, U.S. History, and American History in Film), the Youth and Government Club, Trinity Golf, the Trinity Web Site, and other school news.  

There is also a page devoted to Richmond where I have lived for forty years, most of the weather information on this site is set to Richmond but can be changed by simply entering another zip code.  Information about me may be found by clicking on Bob Alley.  Please check out this part of the site.  Other than personal information and a lot of pictures, there is also a categorized list of my favorite web sites, some of my favorite recipes, and information about my hobbies and interests, including my cats.  .    

In the future I intend to add a Web Log or Blog to my site.  On it I will periodically pick current issues to cover.  News accounts from numerous sources dealing with a particular issue will be provided.  Commentary from the left and the right and all points in between will be included.  Finally, I will give my opinion and invite my visitors to submit their own.  Stay tuned for news of other future updates.  


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