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Welcome To My Web Log

I will periodically post my thoughts on various issues here.  I will also put links to more information and other opinions about the subjects I address.  I am also going to post some of the things I have written in the past on this site.  This is mostly to satisfy my own ego and nostalgia, but click on From the Past if you are interested.  My main reason for creating this Web Log is to give me an outlet to express my views in writing and, hopefully, create a forum for others to do the same.  I don't like chat rooms, but I welcome responses by email to what I write and will post some or all of the emails I get on this site.  I have strong opinions myself, but I want to provide information and opinions from all sides of the issues discussed, so I encourage you to send not only your opinions but links to web sites and other sources of information about the issues as well.  My email address is bob@boballey.com  and can be found at the bottom of every page on this site.  Click on the View my Web Journal link to get to my Web Log.  To the left you will find links to resource pages for some of the issues I address in my Blog.

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Free Web Journal from Bravenet.com Free Web Journal from Bravenet.com


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