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Welcome To My Workshop

Click on the pictures below for larger views of my workshop and on the links to the left for pictures of my projects.  Some of my projects are pictured below.  When we moved in, the structure that is now my workshop was nothing more than a brick shell.  I built and hung the doors that cover the large opening on the yard side, and I bought and hung the door that covers the small opening.  We had the building wired for electricity and an Apple garage door installed on the alley side.  I installed an electric opener for the door and wired the building for cable.  I then, over time, built all of the benches and shelves in the workshop and equipped it with tools, hardware, and other items no workshop should be without.  I am particularly proud of the large work table in the middle of the room.  

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Click on the link below to see one of my oldest projects.

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