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Welcome To Our House

We bought this house on Floyd Avenue in Richmond, VA in May of 1992.

Front of House 2.jpg (312355 bytes) Front of House 1.jpg (253719 bytes)

Azaleas in Front 6.jpg (57051 bytes) Azaleas in Front 12.jpg (52823 bytes)

Front Porch 3.jpg (45592 bytes) Front Porch.jpg (47380 bytes)

View from Porch.jpg (228934 bytes)

Welcome To Our Living Room

Living Room 2.jpg (185234 bytes) Staircase.jpg (146830 bytes)

Bookshelf in Living Room.jpg (179073 bytes) Bookshelf in Living Room 2.jpg (244704 bytes)

Entertainment Center in Living Room.jpg (166248 bytes) Fireplace 2.jpg (146049 bytes)

Living Room Coffee Table.jpg (167136 bytes) Living Room.jpg (154809 bytes)

Welcome To Our Dining Room

Entrance From Living Room to Dining Room.jpg (163023 bytes) Dining Room.jpg (125689 bytes)

China Cabinet.jpg (178395 bytes) Dining Room Wall.jpg (127519 bytes)

Bar Between Dining Room and Kitchen.jpg (171026 bytes) Kitchen Door and Bar.jpg (173487 bytes)

Welcome To Our Kitchen

Kitchen Door.jpg (153457 bytes) Kitchen Sink.jpg (195765 bytes)

Stove 1.jpg (201460 bytes) Kitchen and Backdoor.jpg (185728 bytes)

Pantry Area 1.jpg (191097 bytes) Pantry Area 3.jpg (210152 bytes)

Pantry Area 2.jpg (210773 bytes) Pantry Area 4.jpg (204736 bytes)

Door to Downstairs Bathroom.jpg (113165 bytes) Kitchen From the Backdoor.jpg (177586 bytes)

Pantry Area.jpg (23868 bytes) Door to Basement.jpg (140273 bytes)

Welcome To Our Basement

Basement Stairs.jpg (124760 bytes) Christmas 02 26.jpg (110502 bytes)  

Christmas 02 3.jpg (119718 bytes) Christmas 02 27.jpg (114799 bytes)

Basement 1.jpg (106264 bytes) Basement 2.jpg (112908 bytes)

Basement 3.jpg (116020 bytes) Wall Behind Couch.jpg (40377 bytes)

Hanging Shelf 2.jpg (50020 bytes) Hanging Shelf 1.jpg (49461 bytes)

Bob's Desk.jpg (34249 bytes) Bob's Desk 2.jpg (41813 bytes)

Stereo.jpg (40078 bytes) Stereo 2.jpg (34169 bytes)

Game Room.jpg (31411 bytes) Pachinko Machine.jpg (49953 bytes)

Pachinko Machine Bookshelf and Mirror.jpg (49096 bytes) Play Ground.jpg (43984 bytes)

Duct Work and Game Room.jpg (43174 bytes) Pool Table and Laundry Area.jpg (30672 bytes) 

Welcome To Our Deck

Backdoor From the Kitchen.jpg (182494 bytes) 

Deck 1.jpg (312331 bytes) Deck and Backyard at Night.jpg (183156 bytes)

Deck on the Fourth.jpg (118369 bytes) Breakfast on the Deck.jpg (92564 bytes)

Grill.jpg (33004 bytes) Deck 1.jpg (46060 bytes)

Deck 2.jpg (47938 bytes) Backyard 12.jpg (73406 bytes)

Backdoor 1.jpg (185722 bytes)

Welcome Upstairs

Staircase 2.jpg (158772 bytes)

Pictures Not Yet Available

For more pictures of Our House click on My Projects or Our Cats.

Last updated  12/17/2008 06:17:12 PM


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